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Premier of Respecting Autism Radio Show


How cool that we got to do this!  Here’s the link to the inaugural Respecting Autism Radio Show on The Coffee Klatch, Blog Talk Radio.  A very special thank you to Dr. Gil Tippy and Marianne Russo.  Click the logo to hear the broadcast.

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The Respecting Autism Radio Show

We get to be the first guests on The Respecting Autism Radio Show with Dr. Gil Tippy.  Gil Tippy, PsyD, is the Clinical Director of the Rebecca School in Manhattan. As one of the founders of the school, he has been responsible for evaluating over 300 children, and has been central in creating both the academic and clinical programs. He creates the training for the entire staff, and consults on their interventions with the children in the school. He was directly supervised by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, creator of the Developmental, Individual difference, Relationship-based (DIR®) model and is one of our personal heroes.  His super power is bringing people into authentic relationships, and seeing the best in each individual he encounters.  If you have not read his book, Respecting Autism, please pick it up and at least read the introduction. Dr. Tippy lays out the argument for a developmental/relationship based approach to autism intervention and treatment.  The implications are profound. We are recording tomorrow night and it will air this Sunday, December 8th, at 9:00 pm  Eastern Time, on the Coffee Klatch Special Needs Radio Network.  Just in the nick of time, Dr. Tippy’s Facing Autism portrait is done!


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Utah Public Radio Interview on Access Utah

On May 31st, Utah Public Radio’s Access Utah show Science Questions aired a 30 minute interview with Christopher immediately following a segment with Temple Grandin. (26:58) It’s a really powerful interview.  Please listen here and share.

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TEDxUSU Video Released

We have been waiting with anticipation for the release of this video. The November 7th event itself felt so heady, and my talk so completely of the heart that I walked off stage with the high feeling that I had done what I had set out to do, but with very little memory of specifics.  I am probably my own worst critic, but it was hard not to feel deflated when the “hyper-real” video clip could not compare to a real moment in time, with all emotions and senses heightened and engaged.  I hope the video,  having a greater audience than the event itself, conveys the message of our urgency about the rising prevalence of autism and the desperate need for access to services for people affected by autism spectrum disorders.  I ask you to consider what ripple you might make in your sphere of influence and what impact the collective ripples might make.

Here it is. Please share freely.

Autism advocates testified in front of a congressional committee this week about the federal response to the rapidly increasing prevalence of autism.  While there is still vehement disagreement on many issues discussed, the urgency of the situation was communicated loud and clear to lawmakers and to the public at large. Environmental factors for the causation of autism were discussed freely and without the limitations. This week we saw the evidence and the power of passionate people doing whatever they could to change the world.

Click here to watch this amazing conversation unfold.

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