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“US kids born in polluted areas more likely to have autism.”

Environmental Health News, a foundation-funded news organization that advances the public’s understanding of environmental health issues, reports the link between air quality and autism today. The article cites the study, “Perinatal Air Pollutant Exposures and Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Children of Nurses’ Health Study II Participants” was released today online in Environmental Health Perspectives authored by Andrea Roberts, a lead research associate at the Harvard University School of Public Health.  While the study is not conclusive, it provides the impetus for further research and has major implications for regions with air quality problems like we have in Salt Lake City and Cache Valley, Utah.


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Paradise Ranch, Las Vegas

I just completed the post-production work on the most recent Martyrs, Saints and Superheroes portrait, Paul Rogers III QMHA, M.S. Paul provides Horse Assisted Therapy (HAT) to individuals with autism, disabilities or other mental health issues in a climate controlled arena called Paradise Ranch in North Las Vegas. Paul and his wife Stephanie are devoted to a working ranch that contributes to the heath and well-being of humans and animals. These folks are just extraordinary people.

Paul is a true horse whisperer with the ability to reach horse and child alike and Stephanie has a grounded administrative giftedness — an amazing partnership! Their beautiful free-spirited children, Aurora and Alex, worked and played right along side ours; like they had known each other forever. Paul was gracious enough to give our children a chance to experience riding a horse around the arena.  The magical way Paul related to Maddie and Caleb in that brief lesson revealed the blend of mastery and artistry he employs in his work and made the benefits of HAT obvious.  The developing facility contains a waiting room, gift shop, play space, quiet respite room for caregivers, a sensory room and a theater stage.  There is even a shoe exchange so that all clients have appropriate shoes for riding regardless of the ability to purchase them.  The potential is limitless and with hard work and passion, Paul and Stephanie are transforming these buildings (formerly a flooring warehouse) into a safe haven for the very important and therapeutic work being done there.  While it is not my intention to declare what historical figure is being referenced in each photograph, we left Paradise Ranch with a sense that we had spent time with St. Francis of Assisi.



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Utah Public Radio Interview on Access Utah

On May 31st, Utah Public Radio’s Access Utah show Science Questions aired a 30 minute interview with Christopher immediately following a segment with Temple Grandin. (26:58) It’s a really powerful interview.  Please listen here and share.

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