US Autism and Asperger Association World Conference – Day 2

What a whirlwind day!  We met so many interesting people –incredible minds.  As the conference was beginning, Chris and I set up a studio in an extra dining room, just off the lobby.  Throughout the day, we photographed portraits of people who were contributing to the autism conversation, doing amazing work in the field AND were on the spectrum themselves.

Dr. Kaplan's Welcome

Setting up a temporary studio in "The Denny Room"

Scott Fowler, Arts Educator in Northern California

Michael McManmom EdD, Psychologist and CEO of College Internship Program

Jax and the kids


Expo - Cool Games by Fat Cat Phonics

Expo, "Autistic Talent"

Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free, Yeast Free Goods

Isabelle Sarikhan, Avalanche Geologist for the State of Washington and her wife, Charisse Byrd.

Stephen Shore EdD, Professor at Adelphi University and Internationally renown Speaker/Author on Autism and Karolina LaBrecque, PhD Author of "Horses as a therapist for Autistic Children: A Guide for Parents and Therapists"

Elaine Hall, Founder and President of The Miracle Project and author of "Seven Keys to Unlocking Autism: Making Miracles in the Classroom"

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