Environmental Groups in Utah Join Forces to Rally Against Stericycle

This afternoon our family attended a town hall style rally vehemently protesting the release of a malevolent blend of dioxins, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium and other extremely harmful toxic pollutants from the Stericycle Medical Incinerary Plant into the air in the Foxboro neighborhood, North Salt Lake City.  The organizers of the town hall meeting and march on Stericycle included Cherise Udell, Alicia Connell and Natasha Hincks of Utah Moms for Clean Air, Brian Moench of Utah Physicians for Heathy Environment, and Erin Brockovich, legendary Environmental Activist.  North Salt Lake City Mayor, Len Arave spoke briefly, and stayed for the entirety of the meeting.

The blatant disregard by Stericycle for the health and wellbeing of the people in the surrounding neighborhood and all across the Wasatch front is abhorrent.  And to add (further environmental) insult to injury,  Spectrum Academy, a charter school for children with autism is just downwind of Stericycle, exposing children already damaged by too much of a toxic burden to even more poison.    Shut Stericycle down.  Shut it down now.





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