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Christmas Adventure, 2017

2017 is over and what a year it was!   It was the best of times and the worst of times all swirled up in a fast moving, and unpredictable reveal sequence — except at the very end, on the 2nd day of an 8 day trip to St. George, Utah to see Grandparents over the Christmas holiday when FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS hit.  Then, suddenly time seemed to stand still. It was awful – coughing, sneezing, fever, headaches, body aches and shakes.  The four of us must have gone through a case of Kleenex boxes all by ourselves.  Of course, even while sick as dogs, we tried our best to visit cheerfully with Grandparents, eat good food and take small forays into the red rocks for blitz style photo ops. All along the way, we collected rocks, cacti skeletons, and other detritus of interest for additions to the Crucible series.  We missed out on some of the bigger adventures available in that region but heck, we were together and that’s what matters.  Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention one important detail — it was the kid’s first flight experience!  They loved take off, looking out the window and landing too!

We survived a topsy-turvy 2017 and are hopeful for good things to come in the new year.   To 2018, we say,”Bring it on!” Cheers!

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