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Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah


Garth Lenz and Jim Grady, South Valley Regional Airport, West Jordan Utah

Last week conservation photographer Garth Lenz visited campus as a special guest through The Crossroads Project.  In an act of spontaneity, I accepted an invitation to fly with Garth to make photographs of the Bingham Canyon Mine.  Jim Grady, our pilot, was with LightHawk, a volunteer pilot organization who’s mission is to champion environmental protection through the unique perspective of flight.  What an amazing ride!  Even while being thrown around in the mountainside turbulence, I managed to eek out some images that led to a new chapter of the Evidence and Artifacts collection, Evidence and Artifacts: Avarice.



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USAAA Conference, Saturday in Pictures


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USAAA Conference, Friday in Pictures


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2012 US Autism and Asperger Association World Conference and Expo

We are thrilled to be in Denver today among friends and respected colleagues, for the US Autism and Asperger Association 2012 World Conference and Expo. Today Jacqui and I are talking about Collaborative Artmaking, Advocacy, Parenting and Marriage and will be exhibiting the Evidence and Artifacts: Facing Autism Project. If you haven’t been to the gallery lately — take a peek and see if you can spot the newest portraits!

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